Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A bit of spring

It's probably a passing whim, when winter is upon us, 
I’m here longing for spring, when the sun shines I’m dreaming of 
snowflakes and chilly winds…Constantly in search of 
interior balances and soul equilibrium… 
Who knows why...
Anyway, I’m past the first phase now, 
despising the calendar, trying to add a touch of spring to my home 
which is darker than ever, with the fire in the hearth burning for hours. 

I feel something of spring in the air, colourful promises waiting 
to materialise.No spectacular bunches at the florist's;
she told me that it’s still early, ranunculus are smaller than 
usual, anemones look a little seedy while tulips cost a fortune
 apiece.Cyclamen, hyacinths, mimosa are a much better 
bet for now. Hope the situation will be normalised 
by the end of January.

The gardening season has already started but our country garden 
needs so much work that I have to prioritise the efforts trying
  not to miss the upcoming season. The space available for planting
is huge and we have to limit it somehow in order to 
better look after it, as we aren’t there apart from
the weekends and not always. 
The biggest problem is caused by the grass which grows 
uncontrollably in wet conditions and has to be cut 
frequently. Hope you are also making plans for 
your gardens and flowery projects! 

May this post inject you a good dose of
spring freshness
 we all need it whatever the weather is like.

It’s exactly two years since I began blogging, 
since I discovered how much it contributes to 
my daily life. Posting becomes a little challenge for me…
Capture the beauty in a world that only beautiful it isn’t. 
For my readers I want 
a  s m i l e. 
Just relax and have a colourful pause. 
That is enough for me.
Thank you so much for all your visits and kind words. 
Hope we still have much to share

And time to think about a giveaway! 

I will let you know next time!
Until then

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