Tuesday, July 25, 2017

As far as the yard

Although Greek summer means beach days and sandy feet I’m 
bringing you again into the garden. I'm a sea worshipper 
and beach lover obviously but I recently discovered that 
there is something very beautiful about the simplicity 
of enjoying your own backyard. 
So, this year, when thinking about my seasonal favorites, 
the color  is    g  r  e  e  n . 
Follow me so you can peek through my backyard’s gate to 
see the newly seeded grass and the peacefulness of a space 
not yet completely landscaped but inviting enough for an 
evening’s little adventure. Gazing at the fresh lawn, one thing 
came to my mind; those lovely picnics when with my parents 
in the ‘80s. Some fresh, local apricots offered by a kind 
neighbor, put me straight in that mood. Despite the high 
temperatures, we took the necessary for this impromptu 
p i c n i c. 
With the sunlight dappling through leaves, barefoot and a 
camera, how much we enjoyed our last-minute variety of break! 
A getting away from it all, as far as the yard. 
So simple, quiet and slow. A way to carve out the time and 
create memories. It’s those little moments that make life big. 
Isn’t that right?

By now, the garden is arguably at its best, especially after the 
last blessing rains which helped to keep it in top form. 
Summer storms are rare here but much needed as things are 
heating up very quickly. 
A vacation trip has already been planned 
and there are many things to get excited about. 
Hope I can achieve my photographic goals while traveling 
but only time will tell. I'll show you when back.

In the meantime, please enjoy this summer! 
Happy holidays everyone whatever you do, wherever you are. 
I promise, I’ll be back! 
I always thank my friends for their time in my e-mails. 
Your friendship means so much to me.

Friday, June 23, 2017

As if it were a meadow

Delphiniums in bloom… My mind raced quickly back to images of my grand 
mother’s garden. Their spectacle triggered sweet, old-fashioned memories 
and sparked a nostalgic and fragrant flash-back. Long time ago...
Even if I don’t carry strong visual images from my childhood, there are 
pictures stuck in my head. Like this one; a whitewashed wall, a lace curtain
blowing through the open window with in front a mass of pink and purple 
larkspurs swaying to and fro. Ι was a little girl but so much enthralled by 
the soft mix of their pastel hues. My granny’s home…… 
A humble one, with a wonderful grape arbour in the yard. 
On hot summer days, family and visitors used to sit in its shade while 
sunlight was filtering through a haze of green leaves. 
As time marches on, memories become treasures in the heart and sooth the soul.  

Took a visit to a friend. Her front yard is always such a rewarding place
 to be, full of change and excitement. I feel like re-experiencing my visits 
to granny. A space completely transformed since my last visit. 
A meadow-like garden. Not that sophisticated one, just simple and 
peaceful like the moments someone shares, ensconced in its beautiful 
nests. Seeking for some fun and frolic, two or three cats came around. 
Spent the afternoon on a light note. 
Timely moments, where loveliness transcends the mundane things 
of an ordinary life. 

I’ve taken several steps back here in blogland; the frequency of posting, 
the absence of commenting. Ιt’ s not only the lack of time. 
After four years and a half, I am wondering what really blogging 
signifies for me. Do I need complimentary items? 
Can I sincerely express what I’m feeling? 
It all has become a bit blurred. 
Besides, there is nothing to promote, or to advertise. 
A simple heart, sometimes naïve, always s pontaneous, I'm struggling
to hear the feelings of so many different people behind 
their words and photos.
I think I knew some of them. I’m enriched from this experience. 
Flipping through your pages has taken me on a thriving journey. 
I’m grateful. 
dear bloggers aren’t so active either; even worse, some of them took their 
site down. There are days my blog list seems so empty …  I need to take my time. 
Just to slow down but not to disappear. Not yet. I have to be sure of my decisions.
It’s because photographs still have the incredible power to make me 
feel excited. 
Hope that capturing and preserving life’s sweetest moments will help me 
to be more pumped in the future. Always looking on the bright side of life.
Here, in my private space
If you still like to join me, you are more than welcome!

Happy summer days everyone!

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